His first word

With so many changes over the past couple years with Patrick, life it seems is constantly go, go, go  lol

He has come so far.  This past year has shown the most growth of all, it’s been wonderful to see.  I’m so proud!

He is initiating a little more using his DynaVox (communication device) for communicating.  Still needs some encouragement, but he’s doing great!  Trying to work on putting small, short sentences together.  He is spelling some 3 letter words, using the keyboard on his box or using his sign language. 🙂

He is much more vocal this past year also.  Loves music and singing with the kids.  The kids are a huge motivation for him 🙂  We’ve tried to give him more independence by having pictures of all the kids on his box, so he can refer to, talk to and/or choose who he would like to play with etc.

The big thing within the last 2 weeks is his first word! 🙂  MOM!  – I took a video of it with my camera and uploaded it to my facebook and also youtube upon a few people’s suggestion.  I was so proud!!  Here is the link on youtube for you to view it:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4J7kp1KSXM

 I have a video of his DynaVox, but it was rejected because it was too long.  It was almost 12min long.  I find another medium to upload it to.

Well, this was just a short visit, back to work now 🙂

Have a great day!


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