Minimize admissions – maximize quality of life

A quick update.  I’m sorry I won’t be going into it all right now, but I am just too tired and need to get to bed.  Patrick’s respite workers are finding it tiring when here as well.

Patrick is being admitted tomorrow morning to hospital.  A Shunt-o-gram is being done and the idea is that during this admission, the G-Tube and possibly the 24hr EEG will be done as well.  This admission will likely be approx 2 weeks, give or take a few days depending on how everything co-ordinates.

Trying to do as much as possible in an admission to prevent the back and forth between hospital and home.

A lot has gone on and been talked about and discussed yesterday and today and I will try to update when I have time while in hospital with Patrick.  I really need to go to bed now.  I still don’t have everything ready for tomorrow!

We welcome all thoughts, prayers, support and hugs and thank you for them as well.  Visitors are especially welcome to come see us.  Message/text/bbm or call to find out what room we are in.

Goodnight my friends, tomorrow is a long day, be in touch soon!



One thought on “Minimize admissions – maximize quality of life

  1. My daughter has Hydrocephalus she has had a VP Shunt put in 4 years ago she still complains of headachs tubing hurting ect…. We got a second opion and they ordered a shunt o grham for her and before that she had a catscan which showed her ventricular was larger tham a year ago so yes other tests are being taken just seems to me that there should be something out there that could help these kids my heart goes out for you and Patrick good luck hope all goes well for you.
    just thought I would put a note in your blog incase anyone ealse is going through what she is because she is very sensivity to loud noise and sharp noises really weird we are still learning all about this so any help or tips would be helpfull ……thank you P.S. my daughter is 18 years old almost 19

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