Disney, here we come! Start – End!

So this is going to be a journey in itself.  A trip from which to learn and grow from.

Patrick and I have travelled before, but only to Nova Scotia.  This trip will be much different!  A farther distance, another country, a busier place, no comforts of home so to speak.  Not having all the things that make life more accessible and easier will be interesting.

This is a family trip.  8-11 of us are going.  My mother has felt very strongly the past while about doing a family trip.  The time has come to do it and now the organizing and planning has begun.  We’ve been researching for a while, but time is flying by and things need to be put into place now.

We’ve been lucky enough to have been referred to a local travel agent who has experience with booking with the Sunshine Foundation, so we are confident she will be able to provide us with the information we need and to help us book the most accessible trip possible for us.

Already there are so many things to think about.  Accessible rooms (what’s accessible for one, isn’t necessarily for another), washroom facilities (showers etc), meals preparation, laundry facilities, extra luggage for the extra necessities needed for Patrick and also looking at what type of things Patrick will be interested in seeing and how accessible they are.  This is just a start.

It’s not just Patrick that needs to be taken into consideration as I mentioned earlier, there is a fair size group of us.  For me though, making sure we have access to the things that will make this trip more enjoyable for Patrick and I and in turn everyone else as well.

I’m thankful I will have some help, not just from family, but Mom has told me we will be bringing one of Patrick’s respite workers with us to help me/us out as well.  That gives me some relief as well.

I will be blogging about our experience(s) and how things are going with our travel plans and the actual trip as well.

If you have been to Disney World in FL and have first hand experience with travelling with a child(ren) with disabilities, I’d love to hear from you.  Perhaps we can all learn from each other on a variety of things trip and travel related.  🙂

If you have any tips, suggestions or comments on anything you’ve experienced or think I should know or take into consideration, please share.  I’d love to hear from you.

For now, this is the beginning.  Passports need to be gotten for Patrick and I.  That’s another thing in itself, and the bookings will be done within the next week.  For those wondering when we are looking to travel, it’s mid to late January or early February.

Hope you enjoy following our journey, we look forward to sharing with you! 🙂


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