Not by the books!

A new name for my blog –

Many people tend to think and go ‘by the book(s)’. A number of us know, that doesn’t always happen. Much to the dismay of others at times. Some people feel there is and has to be an answer for everything, and that it’s found somewhere in a ‘book’.

Everything for a reason. Each event leads and prepares us for another down the road. It may happen soon, it may happen later, but all in all, they all prepare us.

Many people lead life ‘by the book(s)’ and get thrown off when something ‘not by the book’ happens.

My son’s whole life has been ‘not by the book(s)’!! They are writing journals and articles and researching HIM!!

I’m not sure what ‘by the book’ means really anymore 🙂

Thinking ‘outside the box’ has always been what we’ve had to do, it ‘normal’ for us. 🙂

We, all of us really, have to start doing that more often. Imagine the possibilities that we could be opened up to!!

Because that is how Patrick & I have and do live life, I felt it appropriate to use.

An open mind! Open to the possibilities that await us!

Not going by the books, is a good thing in our lives. 🙂

Do you follow?

Thanks for listening!


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