Community Advocacy Certificate complete!

I am very pleased and happy to have been able to complete 8 courses in 3 months, and with great marks! 🙂

The Community Advocacy Certificate through Lambton College offers the chance to learn and gain some great information and resources through online learning.  There are a number of courses offerered for the certificate, 8 are needed to complete the certificate.  The only mandatory course for the certificate is Community Advocacy Techniques.  Each course is 4-5 weeks in length.  There are 7-9 assignments for each course, and a final written assignment/exam.

The courses I took are as follows:

  • Community Advocacy Techniques*
  • Ontario Works Act
  • Ontario Disability Support Program Act
  • Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits
  • Residential Tenancies Act – Part 1
  • Human Rights in Ontario
  • Employment Standards Act
  • Consumer Protection Laws, Part 1

The course is not being offered again now till Fall 2011.  Information on it, in the meantime can be found here,  Later in the summer the Lambton College website will have the listings as well.

It was alot of work, and I was able to gather so many resources and so much information, I really enjoyed taking it!  I’m looking forward to using the information and resources and advocating for families/individuals in whatever way I am needed.

I’m looking at more courses/workshops/seminars etc… that offer more information on Advocating, accessibility and  any other information that will/can help me help families/individuals with disabilities and special needs navigate through the various circumstances that come our way.

One course a few of us Advocates here in London are interested in a new course being offered this fall at Durham College.  It’s the only college offering it in Ontario.  Right now it’s only offered full-time and in Oshawa.  I have emailed though and asked about the possibility of it being offered for distance learning.  I know there are many who would love to take this as well.

Ok…time for supper!  Have a great night!  I’ll be back! 🙂


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