Things are progressing

Evening Everyone,

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post, I apologize for that, it’s been quite busy, par for the course here, but still busy. 🙂

Let me see where I left off……..Oh yes…

4 of the 8 courses required for my Community Advocacy Certificate are done.  I wrote all 4 exams over the weekend, it took me about 20hrs to complete them all.  2 more courses start today, and the other 2 will begin April 1st.  These ones will be 5 weeks long.  We won’t have our marks for a couple weeks.  I’m curious and anxious to know how I did.  I feel like I’ve done well.

I have learned a lot, acquired much information and many resources that will certainly be an asset in helping others and being an even more effective Advocate!  I am enjoying it!

My first Accessibility Advisory Committee meeting for the City of London was last week.  It went well.  I was pleased and quite happy to hear about many of things that are happening regarding accessibility in our City.  I am now on a couple of sub-committees and looking forward to those as well.  Everyone was really nice and it was great having so many people in one spot that all shared a common passion and all working toward the same goal…to make our City more accessible!

I’ve been told and heard from others that London is ahead of the game when it comes to accessibility, ideas and having things implemented.  Something to be proud about indeed!

Last Thursday was also the day I toured another respite house.  This one was through the Salvation Army.  They have 2.  The house I toured could accommodate up to 8 children.  The house was nice, spacious, the whole place was accessible.  They have quite the area of land in behind where they have access to a pool, some walkways, tennis courts, fire pit and more, it was great to see.  I’m thinking Patrick will enjoy this house more than the others.  He is already asking to go and he hasn’t even seen it yet!  When the weather gets nicer, I’ll book Para-transit and we’ll go for a visit so he can see it.  I received my letter with the dates we were approved for, for respite.  One weekend in June, one weekend in July and a week in August, Patrick will also spend a week at his Dad’s (likely July) and he’ll attend Drama Camp in August as well.  It will be a busy summer for him…and for me! J

Las week was also the IPRC meeting at the high school and picking Patrick’s courses for September.  It went well.  We chose 7 courses for the year.  He will have languages, math, drama, vocal music, religion, science, and possibly visual art.  We’ll see how that goes.  If one of the courses doesn’t work for him, we’ll look at others at that time.

As some of you know, I request/ask for 2 meetings a year, what I call Team Meetings, one in the fall and one in the spring.  It’s a time where everyone involved with Patrick gets together and goes over what’s been going on, who’s doing what, goals, comments etc…  I have asked for our last one for this school year to be set for March.  I am waiting for a date on that.  Teachers, EA’s, therapists, Principal or vice, even agencies from the community that we have services with attend, as well as a representative from the school board when possible.  It’s a great opportunity for everyone to get caught up on Patrick and get a sense/idea of where we are at and where we are going and collaborating on what things will benefit Patrick.  With this year being the transitioning year for Patrick, I’m looking forward especially to this last meeting.

Thursday is Grad Photo Day!  I went out last night with my Mom and bought him a dress shirt and a tie for pictures, as they requested.  WOW, was he excited when I got it out for him to try on!! 🙂 Of course I had to take a couple pictures, and he is a camera ham!  He loved it, and I posted a few on Facebook.  BOY! Does he look grown- up!  14 in June already!!  Years ago he didn’t like button up shirts.  He could put his fingers between the buttons and feel his skin and that wasn’t working for him!!  He doesn’t have a problem now it seems, maybe I can start buying button shirts for him now?  I’d have more selection to choose from too!! Lol

It’s amazing how much he has changed and grown the past couple years.  Even with everything he went through last fall, he’s not 100% yet, and I still worry we’re not out of the woods yet some days, but he’s doing well!

Next week is another follow-up with the Ophthalmologist.  I’m happy the Cornea Specialist doesn’t think surgery is necessary right now to remove the remaining damage, as long as it stays below his line of vision.  During the March Break, we will have a follow-up with Genetics.  14 yrs ago there was no blood test for Patrick’s syndrome, now there is.  It had to be sent away down to the states for the testing and to get the results; well they are in and apparently too complicated to tell me over the phone, so they’ve asked us to come and speak to them.  I’m curious about that appointment and what they will tell us.

My mind has drawn a temporary blank at the moment, I must be tired.  I think I will sign off for now and maybe go to bed early, tomorrow is another busy day.

Have a great evening my friends!! 🙂


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