Known Funding Resources


Disabilities come in various shapes and forms.  With them as well, comes the necessity at times for particular equipment, whether it is for communication, mobility, hearing, vision…etc.


There are many resources available.  Here we have listed a few of the important resources available to apply to get funding to help cover the financial part of these necessities.  Every family should have knowledge of these resources, the criteria and how to apply for them.


Some resources are geared specifically for particular areas.  Each has their own criteria of who can apply and how much is available.


March of Dimes:


“Ontario March of Dimes is the largest community-based rehabilitation and advocacy organization for people with physical disabilities in the province.

Our goal is to enhance the independence and community participation of people with physical disabilities every day through a wide range of programs and services across the province”


Some of the programs March of Dimes offers are:  Acquired Brain Injury services, Assistive Devices, Attendant services, employment planning and Home & vehicle modification to name just a few.


HVMP (home and vehicle modification program) provides funding for basic home and/or vehicle modifications.  Persons who meet the criteria can apply for grant funding of:

-Up to $15,000 lifetime maximum for home modifications

-Up to $15,000 every 10 years for vehicle modifications


You can find more information on programs under programs and services on the website.


Easter Seals:


“Easter Seals Ontario is dedicated to helping children, youth and young adults with physical disabilities achieve their full individual potential and future independence. Easter Seals funds disability solutions through financial assistance, summer camp, the Recreational Choices Funding Program, research, advocacy, and public and consumer education.”


Easter seals offers programs in camp and recreation, direct financial assistance, feature scholarships and the Incontinence Supplies Grant Program.  There is a cap or dollar limit per year, per client.  That maximum is $3000.00 for equipment and other needs.  You can find more information on these and other services by clicking Programs and Services on the website.


The Incontinence Grant comes in 3 levels and helps offset the cost of diapers and/or supplies for persons who are incontinent.  You are required to keep all your receipts from your purchases of diapers/supplies, as you may be called upon to present them periodically to review your costs and make sure you are in the correct level for the grant.  The grant comes twice a year, in February and in August.   You can check out further information here,


ADP – Assistive Devices Program:

“The objective of the Assistive Devices Program (ADP) is to provide consumer centred support and funding to Ontario residents who have long-term physical disabilities and to provide access to personalized Assistive devices appropriate for the individual’s basic needs.

“Devices covered by the program are intended to enable people with physical disabilities to increase their independence through access to Assistive devices responsive to their individual needs.”

“ADP covers over 8,000 separate pieces of equipment or supplies in the following categories : prostheses; wheelchairs/mobility aids and specialized seating systems; enteral feeding supplies; monitors and test strips for insulin-dependent diabetics (through an agreement with the Canadian Diabetes Association); insulin pumps and supplies for children; hearing aids; respiratory equipment; orthoses (braces, garments and pumps); visual and communication aids; oxygen and oxygen delivery equipment, such as concentrators, cylinders, liquid systems and related supplies, such as masks and tubing.”

“Grants are provided for ostomy supplies, breast prostheses and for needles and syringes for insulin-dependent seniors.”

Eligibility for ADP is any Ontario resident with a valid health card in their name and has a physical disability for a period of 6 months or longer.

ADP covers up to 75% of the cost of certain equipment.  For other equipment, there is a fixed amount.  In most cases, the client pays a share of the cost and the rest is billed to ADP.  If the client is not able to pay that share, there are other funding resources within their areas what will be willing to help cover the client’s portion such as, service clubs, social assistance and even insurance companies.

You can acquire more information on their website if you require more specific information about any of their services.

ACSD – Assistance for Children with Severe Disability:


Parents with children with disabilities can also be eligible for this program.  This assistance is to help parents cover some of the extra costs involved with raising a child with disabilities.


Eligibility requires the child to be under 18 and has a severe disability.  This assistance also is based on income.  Parents can receive $25 to a maximum of $410 to help with these costs.  Other things taken into consideration are the severity of the disability and the kind of difficulties the child has doing personal care and everyday things.


Some of the costs covered could be:


  • travel to doctors and hospitals
  • special shoes and clothes
  • parental relief
  • wheelchair repairs
  • Assistive devices
  • hearing aids
  • hearing aid batteries
  • prescription drugs
  • dental care
  • eyeglasses.


Some consideration is also provided for extra laundry being done in your household, if it is a result of taking care of the child and even special toys they require that would be beneficial to their ‘growth’.


Contacting your regional office of the Ministry of children and youth services will get you an application form for ACSD.


These are the most well known resources.  There are many others out there available.  Many cities will have particular organizations, clubs, legions, etc. that will help families meet the financial needs of ‘equipment’ necessities.


Please don’t hesitate to email us if you require information, or have any questions regarding the above information, we would be happy to help.


Written by:  Renee MacLachlan



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