I feel better

I was pretty tired last night and a headache started coming on shortly after I got home last night after the tour of one of the Respite houses.  So obviously, a post didn’t get done  lol

Results of last nights tour was informative.  It was nice to be able to see the house and talk about what happens there, how the weekends go, what they are like and how the staffing works, among other things.

It is a smaller house, and has been made accessible for the most part.  The upstairs and the basement are not accessible, therefore, Patrick would be left on the main floor.  The accessible bedroom with attached accessible washroom is on the main floor and also means he would have his own room, which is nice.

I inquired about the ratio of staff to children and voiced my concerns about information I’d heard that sometimes, there were perhaps too many children there, which made tending to them all a little tricky sometimes, I’m sure.  She re-assured me that they tried to book children based on needs as well as age.  If perhaps there were children that needed more care and time, then fewer children would be there on that particular weekend.

Let me tell you though, there is alot of paperwork to do all this!  Understandable indeed, as they want to make sure they have as much information as they can on your child(ren) to make sure its a good time for them, and make sure they are comfortable too.

I feel like the past 2 weeks have been dealing with paperwork, receiving it, filling it out, faxing/emailing it, getting more, and so on.  This is not completely to do with the respite, but regarding highschool transitioning and a little bit of work related stuff as well.  Primarily, between respite and highschool, my fax machine has been working hard lol

I will be scheduling another time to visit the other house for CLL (community living london), and have a date already set to visit/tour the salvation army respite house on the 24th of Feb.  I have heard good things about both of those other houses, so I’m looking forward to it.  The other house for CLL, is a newer house and is used only for stays of 4 nights or more.  The one I visited last night is just a weekend house.

I will be submitting dates for the houses in the next few days and we’ll see if they are able to book the ones I’d like for Patrick.

Regarding todays meeting at the highschool, it went well.  I felt, I made the right decision in trying to arrange it so he could attend the same school his friends would be, after spending 8yrs with them already.  That wasn’t the only reason, but an important one for Patrick.

The staff was very friendly, accomodating and helpful.  The school is a larger school and an older school.  Me being directionally challenged in places with lots of hallways, was continually backwards on the tour as to where we were going! lol

Yesterday, the papers came home for the IPRC meeting, that will be on the 22nd.  They have asked that Patrick attend as well, and we will pick his courses for Sept at that time too.  Not having been told 100% from anyone that things are all a go for him to attend the school, after receiving that letter, it looks like indeed they are letting him 🙂

Apparently, I can even look into ordering uniforms now for him, for Sept!  I may wait till the summer, since he’s been growing so much lately 🙂

It looks like there are some good programs/courses that Patrick will like.  Drama will be a must for him I’m sure.  Vocal music perhaps another.  I think music/drumming will be too much for him, noise-wise.  I’ll look at what other courses are available when the registration package comes and when the IPRC meeting comes, we can discuss what else he may like.

The staff went over what the day would be like, how the integration will work, the course schedule and more…it really made me feel good and again, confirmed this was the right decision and choice for him 🙂

I thank the staff at his current elementary school for their support and help as well.  They have been good and supportive regarding the choice and we are all in agreement with this decision.  I’m glad.

Well, my mind has gone distracted now.  I just had a phone call from a relative in the East Coast and had a bit of a catch up with them, so I think I’m going to sign off now and come back tomorrow to add whatever else I missed tonight lol

Have a good night my friends! 🙂

Till next time….


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