Respite houses – Thoughts?

It’s time.  Tonight is the night I get out and tour a couple respite houses.

People have been after me for the past 5yrs or so, at least, to look at these and take this into consideration.  I think with all the changes in the past number of years with my son, perhaps it’s time.  He’s doing well, he’s growing up, he’s a young man.

I’ve had concerns/worries with sending him to a respite house for a weekend.  My primary concerns I think are communication and I suppose the ratio of  children to caregivers/adults, in that will he get the attention needed.

Some people wonder how I do it here at home, and here I’m thinking of sending him to a place that doesn’t know him at all, he doesn’t know them…and he’s a pretty routine child.

Yes, I know, they will get to know him.  It’s kind of difficult when they would only see him 3 times in a 6 month period, if that, depending on availability of weekends at the house.

I’m thinking this is perhaps going to be tougher for me than it is for him!! lol

So here are some of my questions to you:

Do you use respite houses?

Do you like them?

How do you feel about the care?

Does your child(ren) enjoy them?

How often do you use them?

For what reasons do you use them?

Does the staff work well with you in communication regarding any concerns/questions and in re-assuring you that things will be/are fine?

I sit and chuckle to myself that I’m actually having so many questions.  Then again, I’m a ‘need to know’ person.  I need to know and have information of things and goings on.  It makes me feel better and I’m prepared and know how to respond.  Yeah, I know we can’t always be prepared for everything! lol   We can try though, right? 🙂

I’ve heard pros and cons to with some of the houses.  Everyone’s experience is different, I know.  First time jitters I suppose 🙂

Let’s see how it goes tonight and how I feel after the tours! 🙂

Have a good day my friends! 🙂


One thought on “Respite houses – Thoughts?

  1. you are an amazing mom and Patrick will have a great time at his sleepover. once we get our new apartment set up we want patrick for a night or two as well!

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