Did you know

that you can find out how often information is being ‘googled’?  How often YOU are being googled.

Many people, businesses, professionals etc, use the Google Alerts to monitor how often a specific topic, product or service is being searched.

You can be notified as it happens, once a day, however you’d like to set it up.

I have about 8-10 alerts set up to help me see how often certain things are being searched, including my name.  My name has been googled at least 75 times in the past 9 months.

For certain topics, I have arranged alerts to be sent to me, to give me an idea and information that I can use to make my business more user friendly on the internet, along with other reasons business related as well.  How often and how much a product/service is being looked for.

You will also receive the link taken as a result of the ‘google search’ as well.  Quite some valuable and useful information if used properly.

If you’re interested in trying google alerts, check it out here: http://www.google.com/alerts

Have fun and good luck! 🙂


Short and sweet tonight!  🙂


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