A good question don’t you think?  A question I’m sure, no…I KNOW,  many of us ask ourselves from time to time.

Is it time for this…

Is it time for that…

Do you think it’s time we…

If only we had time…

There never seems to be enough time…

So many questions about time.  What is it TIME for you to do this year?

Going back to the focus aspect as mentioned in a previous blog post a couple days ago, many people really think this year…It’s Time!! for them.

For myself, life has been and is busy.  It tends to be more about others than myself much of the TIME, something I am working on this year as well.  I know I need to make more TIME to do things for me, we all do, and many of us have a hard TIME finding that TIME to do so.

Is it our age that seems to kick in the TIME issue?  Are you finding as you get older, there seems to be less TIME to do some of the things you wanted and/or had hoped to do?

I have started making more TIME to do the things that I really want and need to do.  Life will always be busy, so if you’re waiting for something to happen or to change so that things will perhaps slow down so you CAN do some of those things…think again!

It’s all about YOU!  Only YOU can make an effort and make that time.

I am truly hoping and believing this is going to be my year!  It’s TIME!

I am officially registered for the first of a few courses I want to take.  Courses that will benefit me and what I am striving to do business-wise.  My Community Advocacy Techniques course starts next week!! 🙂    Human Rights in Ontario begins in April. 🙂  I’m excited!

All it takes is TIME and it is indeed TIME!  🙂

If you are having problems with finding TIME for you, start with something small like 15min a day to stop and do something you like, something for YOU.  Just 15min for the first week, and then gradually increase in small increments, whether they be 5 or 10min increments.

It will take a little TIME to start seeing the benefits, but you will!  🙂

If time management is an issue for you, there are many sites with alot of information on different TIME Management Techniques and I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that fits/suits you.  🙂

So, as I’ve been doing for the past few days…I’ve also been making TIME to be more regular with posting here on my blog, I’m feeling good about it!  🙂

And now, it’s TIME for me to carry on with my evening. 🙂

Have a wonderful night my friends!


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