Never too late to focus!

2011 is here!  How was 2010 for you?  Was it a year to remember?  Was it a good year?  What amazing things happened to you in 2010?

I’ll be honest, it was an interesting year!  Some good things, some great things and some not so good happenings.  BUT…it was a good year.  It’s all about attitude and how you think and choose to deal with each and every situation.

A few high points for me were re-connecting with some childhood friends, being able to make a trip to BC for the first time and some personal events that were a long time coming.

My son spent 20 days in hospital in the fall with some serious issues and I lost my step-dad a few days before Christmas.  Tough times indeed, but having so much love and support from family and friends truly helped.  We really are blessed to be loved so much and by so many.

There comes a time in everyone’s life I believe, that you stop and think about where things are at, where you are at, how things have gone and are going, and where you really want to be.  True, we think those things often, I’m sure, but do you understand what I mean, there comes a time that it REALLY hits you and you just KNOW this is your time, it’s your year!!  This can happen at various ages.  For me, it’s been mulling in my head for a little while now, and for some reason, it’s time for me!!

My son has changed so much in the past year and a half to two years!  He’s grown in so many ways and areas, it’s been an amazing journey.  He truly is my inspiration and pride & joy!  He growing up.  Those of us with special needs children, I think sometimes forget that.  They keep growing!

We are so busy with life, their lives and our lives, that we tend to concentrate on the present and what’s going on and leave some of those things about the future, just that…for the future.  All of a sudden, it’s time!  All of a sudden, the future is here!  It can be overwhelming for some, but it’s all doable!!

It’s already time to think about highschool here!  WOW, where has the time gone? Deciding where and what’s best for my son has brought many things to light.  I’m thankful though for others around and those involved with my son to some degree and their support of us and my decisions regarding this time of Patrick’s life.

I will be keeping you posted on how the highschool transition goes, starting with a meeting this Friday at the highschool.  More on the goings on of that and how we got there, to come later.

In talking with a number of people, it seems to be a year of change for many, not only personally, but professionally as well.

How are YOU finding this year so far?  Are you ready for all that’s to come this year?

Have a wonderful Sunday my friends!  I’ll be back 🙂


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