Is it only Monday!

You know you have those days, when it seems everytime you turn around, there is something else to get done, more to catch up on etc…

It must be a Monday!!  lol  Doesn’t it seem that everything happens on a Monday?? lol   We know that’s not true, but it feels like that some days doesn’t it?

Some upcoming things and happenings to watch for…

A new domain name for my website, along with a new look and more updates!

The next section of Treasure Chest of Resources is in the works and we hope to have it available shortly.

Diann Vail & I will be updating the Krystaal Facebook page with their upcoming concerts/performances.  They will be performing here in London Sept. 4th, more details to follow.  We had Full Capacity Concerts arrange to make me an Admin of the page to keep it up-to-date more often.  Krystaal Facebook Page

Registration for the London Women’s Business Conference is now available on the site for the fall conference, celebrating 25yrs.  Krystaal and The Dukeshires will be performing.  Ladies, register here now for an awesome day!

Watch for more happenings!

Just a bit of what I’m up to lately!  🙂


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