2010 National Special Olympic Games will be here soon!

With more than 1400 athletes coming to the National Special Olympic Games here in London, ON this July.  We are honoured to be hosting them.

This national event is a qualifier for Special Olympic athletes to compete at the 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games, which will be held in Athens, Greece.

The events for these games consist of:   swimming, softball, soccer, 5 & 10 pin bowling,  power-lifting, rhythmic gymnastics and athletics (track and field).

All events are free for everyone to attend and watch.  Come early to ensure good seating, as they will fill up quickly with the many proud family, friends and supporters of the athletes! 🙂

The economic impact to the London region is estimated at over $8.3 million.

It will be an amazing week here for the athletes, coaches, family, friends and supporters!

I have been volunteering for these games for the past few months in different areas.  Marketing and promotions, by attending various events in the city to bring awareness and excitement about the games as well as my assignment as a Marshall for the swimming event(s).  I will also be helping with the opening and closing ceremonies as well.

After attending one of the orientation meetings this evening, it has been made more clear at how much hard work so many people have put into bringing these games to London, making the arrangements in all areas necessary and more.  I was impressed with how much is being done to ensure that the week of the games will be a week to remember and full of wonderful memories and new friends, not just for the athletes and coaches, but for everyone involved with the games as well.

I arrived early this evening to help with the orientation, and was designated to help hand out uniforms to the hundreds of wonderful volunteers attending tonight’s session.

The games really are for everyone!  People of all ages, walks of life, backgrounds and more are looking forward to giving their time and sharing some specific talents to ensure the games are a wondrous success!  Everyone helping from security, to medical to operations to promotions/marketing to food and accommodations and so much more.  There are Doctors, nurses and therapists coming from other provinces as well, to help and ensure the athletes are getting the best care and help/support for these games.

The athletes are the stars!!  All have come from their respective ‘homes’  by competing in previous, city-wide, regional, and provincial games to be here at the National games this summer!

They are very proud of their abilities, and we are as well!

The National Special Olympic Games are something to see!!  If you get the chance to get out and see any of the events, you won’t regret it!  You’ll go back for more! 🙂  These athletes are truly inspiring!!

The events are free to watch.  You can check out where each of the events are being held and the times at the London 2010 Games website.

I’m excited about volunteering!!  I will be helping at the opening ceremonies at TD Waterhouse Stadium on the Tuesday evening, and then Wed/Thurs/Fri evening and Sat morning, I will be at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre for the swimming event.  As well, helping with the closing ceremonies on Sat evening.

Hope you make an effort to get out and see some of the events!!  You won’t be disappointed! 🙂

See you there!!



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