The Teens have arrived!

13 – the beginning of the teen years.  Highschool comes sooner than later now.  More to think about and decide and prepare for with the coming ‘teen’ years ahead.

My son’s first birthday party, that was more than just family, was held this past saturday.  His birthday was the 14th.   He invited a few friends from school, 3 of them came.  One even showed up 35min early  lol  He had such a great time!  He really enjoyed himself.

I think it was also great for others in my family to see ‘another’ side of him they don’t get to see often.  I think they really enjoyed watching him and seeing him have such a great time! 🙂

Here he is blowing out the candles on his cake! 🙂

The decorations started Thursday night.  He helped put them up.  He helped fill the pinata.  He wanted to be involved in everything, it was so great to see.  🙂

It still makes me smile when I think of all the changes he’s gone through in the past year or so.  He’s quite the child and he’s mine 🙂    Years ago, much of this would have been difficult for him to ‘deal with’, so to speak.  He’s handling things so much better now, it’s wonderful to see!  I’m not saying it’s all perfect, but it’s still amazing and I am so blessed!

At the last team meeting at the school a few weeks ago, the topic of high school came up.  The meeting went great, and when it was discussed about high school, they were great about the ideas and suggestions on this topic and what to do.

A meeting date has already been set for the fall, for the next team meeting.  They are also going to invite a couple staff from the highschool and the board to attend, so any possible questions and such can be directed right to the source.  It sounds like one of the highschools in particular really takes an interest in the kids that are going to be attending.  They make visits to the school in grade 8 to meet the kids, find out about them, their needs and such.  I was impressed really.  I didn’t think they would do anything like that.  I hadn’t really thought about it really.  There is always something more and new to learn 🙂

I’m also going to plan visits to both highschools, to check them out, meet some of the staff and ask questions.  In one way I’m looking forward to it, in another, I’m thinking…wow…highschool already!! lol

I can see the ‘teenage’ years setting in already in some of the things he does and the way he acts at times lol   TEENAGERS!! Bring it on!!  lol

His communication is getting better and better.  He likes to spell things out now, rather than go through the pages on his DynaVox.  I’m going to be changing the layout of his box over the next while to more ‘keyboard’ and core based vocabulary to perhaps make communication even easier and quicker.  He spells some of the words phonetically and/or how he ‘hears’ them.  When pressing the screen, they don’t sound proper, but if you go and LOOK at what he has typed,  you can usually figure out what he means.  It’s alot of stopping what Im doing to go and see, but that’s ok.  I just love the fact he is communicating so much more 🙂

Well, it’s getting late, I think I’ll stop for now and catch you up some more over the next couple days.  I’m feeling good today.  I can feel myself getting energy back 🙂

Till then, have an awesome night!



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