And the process begins…

Well it was a good day!

I went to the open house this afternoon at the Shoppers Home Health Automotive Division.  It was very interesting and informative.  I found everyone  quite knowledgeable, helpful and very nice.

We got to see a variety of different modifications on some vans and how they worked.

Q Straint was there, gave a bit of history and some information on the tie downs for wheelchairs, types and wheelchair transportation safety.  It’s amazing how many people who travel in wheelchairs are not properly secured in the vehicles.  Wheelchair saftey certainly needs and deserves more ‘exposure’.  We need to get the word out to everyone, wheelchair transportation saftey is important, necessary and mandatory!

I am seriously considering travelling to FL in the fall to get certification with Q Straint.  The certification will be:

What will you experience?
Our comprehensive training seminars provides in-depth, hands-on learning experience that will educate you how to properly use and operate Q’Straint’s systems, and show you how to teach others to properly use them as well.  In addition, each person will:

  • Tour our facility, meet the Q’Straint family and see how our products are made.
  • Learn about the inspection and maintenance of wheelchair securement systems.
  • View crash tests of our wheelchair securement systems and components.
  • Learn rules, standards and regulations that govern the testing and use of wheelchair securement systems.
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge about Q’Straint products for writing specifications.
  • Interact and share your experiences, tips and ideas with other attendees.

To be able to share, help, teach and provide this important resource would be wonderful.

Manufacturer’s and those who actually do the modifications were there on hand to answers questions, show you how things work, different ideas and possibilities and help give you information with regards to your needs.

Many who attended were OT’s and others who provide information, and/or prescribe equipment.  My attendance was two-fold.  I, myself am in need of an accessible vehicle for transporting my son and his powerchair, as well, getting as much information and knowledge that may be beneficial to someone else who may not know where to start.

I do, after all, want to be able to help everyone I can with knowing and finding the information and resources they may need/want.

And so begins this part of the journey for us.  We have received funding help in previous years with other sources for equipment and the like, such as Easter Seals.  This accesible vehicle will be our biggest yet.  It is truely needed and will be such a blessing for us, especially my son!

I’ll keep you posted as to how the process is going 🙂

Feel free to drop a line, ask a question..etc…anytime!

Have a great evening!



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