Information and resources you need for accessible transportation – London,ON

**Clarification on this Post**

This blog entry is intended to inform you of an opportunity to get a great deal of information regarding the processes, funding and wheelchair safety if you are in need of an accessible vehicle, or going to be needing one in the future, for your family.

This afternoon of information is a great place to start and get much of the information you need, and be able to ask your questions directly to those who are providing it.


Time: 12 noon – whenever

Date:  Mar. 4th/10

Where:  2028 Dundas St. E. – London, ON – Shoppers Home Health Automotive Division

Who will be at the open house?

-OT’s (occupational therapists)

March Of Dimes

-Manufacturers of accessible vehicles and those who modify them

Q’Straint – (For 25 years, Q’Straint has remained focused on one vision: to develop, manufacture, test and support the world’s most effective wheelchair passenger safety solutions)

There will be 65 vehicles on site you’ll be able to check out, see the different type of modifications and ask questions.

There will be people available to answer your questions regarding funding, the process, vehicles, safety and more…

Wondering about accessible vehicles?  Haven’t thought about it yet, but know you’ll need one soon?  What type will best suit the needs of your family?

If there is funding available, if so, where? from who?  Do I qualify for it?  How to I apply?  What do I need to apply?

Wondering about wheelchair safety during transportation?

You might be thinking…..Shoppers Home Health?  Accessible Vehicles?

Every year Shoppers Home Health Automotive Dept put this open house on.  It is open to the public.

Please confirm attendance if at all possible.  For more information, please call or email:

Mike Blow

Shoppers Home Health Automotive Division



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