What is in my washer? My true, funny story!

Yesterday afternoon

Put a load of towels in the washer. Forgot about them till after supper. Kirk & Jen were over for supper. As they were leaving I remembered I needed to put the towels in the dryer.

Opened the washer lid…WHAT THE HECK IS ALL OVER THE TOWELS?? White stuff all over ALL of them. We took a look at it…tried to pull some off to see if we could figure out what it was! Kirk & Jen said it looked like toilet paper, possibly even an empty roll.

I’m thinking, paper of some sort? Kleenex? But how could I have possibly picked up paper with the towels and not hear or feel it. Kleenex? unless a piece was under one of the towels on the table I use for Patrick…but this was all over EVERYTHING!!

Re-washed the load of towels.

Once done, it didn’t LOOK as bad, but was still there and hoped the dryer would finish taking the rest of it off them.

I took them out of the washer, gave them a shake and put them in the dryer.

Meanwhile I also pulled out plastic wrap/bag of some sort. What the heck?? (then it dawned on me!!)

This morning…

Oh yeah! have to get the towels out of the dryer!! The towels are still damp!!! what the?? Mind you the filter was so FULL of white stuff…cleaned it out by the handfuls…ran the dryer again…

Well the towels are dry finally…and the filter is FULL again!!

See the pic of what came out of the dryer!! This is 3 handfuls of white stuff, it doesn’t look like much in the pic…but it was!!


A few days ago

While going to the bathroom, I had a package of toilet paper and was filling up the toilet paper holder. There were 2 rolls left in the package. I tossed it onto the dryer. It landed on the edge of the washer and fell INTO the washer.

I’ll get it later I said!!!

SO!! what stories do you have to share like this?!! LOL


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