Getting back on track!

Well, life certainly does throw some curves at you, doesn’t it!

It’s been a busy past while.  Things are finally slowing down a little.

This past year, my son has grown so much.  He had seemed to be on a plateau for the past few years, and for whatever reason, he decided to ‘move on’.   It’s been wonderful to see!!

He’s outgrowing his clothes alot quicker!  lol

His communication is progressing wonderfully.  I’m currently in the process of updating his DynaVox.  He has now ‘advanced’ enough to use more of the features and vocabulary on it :))  It will take a little while to do it, but it will be so much better for him and the navigation will be much easier!

With all the stresses of life, being tired and the like, I decided, enough is enough, and in September signed up for a Cardio Kickboxing Bootcamp.  I know!!!  You’re asking – what were you thinking?  LOL    It was fun!!  It was 3 days a week for 4 weeks.  Stress does many different things to people, to me? if puts on weight!!  With being a Mom/caregiver/super woman (lol) along with all the other roles I have, it’s tough to look after yourself alot.  So if I want to continue to be around, I really do need to start taking care of myself also!  All parents know that, especially those with special needs children.  Easier said than done indeed!

I have so many things coming to mind right now to update you on…where to start  lol

We went to NS this summer for holidays!  Sister & I took the boys.  Patrick’s first time on a plane and the first time many of the family out there, got to meet the boys in person!  It was great!

I was worried about take off and landing and the plane noises being loud for him.  He wouldn’t tolerate them.  My boy is growing up!!  He did awesome!! :))  When the plane started moving to head for the runway, he was so excited and started clapping!  lol

WestJet was great as well!!  They really helped make things a little easier for us.  Having my sister and nephews there was a big help as well for me.  Patrick loves the boys, even if he doesn’t get to see them too often.

WestJet has some information for people traveling with special needs.  Some require forms to be filled out, but they do their best to accomodate everyone!  Using us as an example, Patrick obviously cannot fly by himself.  Our Ped. fill out one of the forms confirming that he would require an ‘attendant’ to fly.  WestJet agreed, approved and confirmed as well, within 24-48hrs.  It’s best to get the forms filled out as early as possible, some may require more extensive information.  With Patrick needing an ‘attendant’ to fly, his ticket would be the ‘usual’ price or whatever you’re purchasing the ticket for at that time.  As he is 12, he’s considered adult.  The ‘attendant’ pays only the taxes for their flight.  It worked out great for us.  It’s a big help financially, as many families know, sometimes expenses keep us from doing things, as well as the work it involves to do things like this with our kids.

That experience this summer has helped me become more confident and comfortable with planning future holidays with my son!  The first time is the toughest sometimes  lol

Oh, and Patrick LOVED it!!  He’s asking to go back!!  :))

Alright…well I’ve lost my train of thought now    lol

I’ll sign off for now…and will be making an effort to pop in once  a week at least from now on! :))

Have a wonderful day my friends!


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