Is summer really coming to an end so soon?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I appologize for that, life has and is pretty busy, especially the summer months, as I’m sure many of you know 🙂

A chance came up for me to take a short trip to halifax, NS to visit some family last week, and since my son was at his Dad’s for the week, I decided to take it.  It was so great being back there.  Time moves slower, life is more relaxed and laid back.  Weather was great! 

Managed to get to the Atlantic Jazz festival and public gardens on the Tuesday.  Met one of my best friends growing up and we hit Peggy’s Cove, loved it, what memories!  That week, the tall ships were arriving, so Thursday I went down to the harbour and got some pictures of the ships that were in and those coming in.  Went for a sail on one of them, The Mar.  We shot a cannon off out in the harbour, and some of the residue from the cannon landed in my hair, lol, burning hair and the smell of sulphur was all I could smell for the rest of the day, it was terrible lol  Even my Uncle could smell the sulphur and he can’t smell anything!  lol

The trip ended too soon.  I love seeing my family out there, wish I could go more.

Saturday afternoon, Patrick came home from his dad’s and off we went to see Thomas the train!  He’s been waiting to see him since his birthday in June.  He LOVED it!  I have pics and video of his smiling, excited, cute face 🙂

My sister and I got talking over that same weekend and decided, let’s take the boys down to NS.  It would be their first visit there and the first time the family will get to meet the boys.  They’ve seen pics, but not in person.

The trip is confirmed and booked, the planning of other parts of it, are still going on.  My next blog entry will be about the planning of this trip, with regards to flying with Patrick, a child with special needs.

More to come…



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