Treasure Chest of Resources – Part 1 (A-I) – available now!


April, 30th/09



 Sylvia McGrath – (Keswick, Ontario)

Phone:  289-231-3931
Fax:  1-866-306-2220


Renée MacLachlan – (London, Ontario)

Phone:  519-281-0053

Fax:  226-663-4506



Complimentary e-book for all parents of children with special needs, chronic illness and learning challenges.



Ontario, Canada – April 30th/09It is hard enough for any parent these days to care for a healthy child however, when the child needs special help to live their daily lives; it is one mountain after another for their parents, and endless yards of red tape and regulations.


This multi-part complimentary e-book is available to you, in hopes of relieving some of the stress that entails when researching for a foundation of information on topics that are close to you.


Our goal is to cut through all of these – giving you answers to your questions all in one area, no more spending hours surfing to find answers.


Visit the websites to get your complimentary copy.

or email –


Making resources more accessible and available, because we know what’s more important – family!



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