Little bit of this, little bit of that

Well, now I have a few minutes to give some updates 🙂

Last Friday, a trip to the cancer centre for a 6 week check-up with the Radiation Oncologist for Mark, told us there was still a little swelling, but the Dr. couldn’t see any cancer.  He wants to be sure though and will see him again in 2 months, once more swelling has gone down.  He says it looks pretty good though! 🙂 

Another check-up appt today with the Medical Oncologist(chemo) an even more positive outcome as well.  After checking the CT results, Dr. said he could still see some inflammation and swelling from the radiation, but it looked great!  It wouldn’t come to surgery! as well, he didn’t want to see him again, unless he had some questions or anything of the sort 🙂  Radiation Dr. will follow him for up to 5 yrs, if cancer has not come back at that point, he will be discharged.


Next on the agenda, I’ve been helping update the London Women’s Directory website for the Spring 2009 Women In Business Conference.  Travel pages will be updated by mid week with hotel  and contact information.


Change Bandits has been great!  I wasn’t sure what to expect regarding response to sponsoring, but we’ve had some great people make generous donations.  Any amount you’re able is appreciated, it’s for the children’s hospital!!  Check out my Change Bandit Page.

Over the next few weeks, while Change Bandits are going on, I’ll be singing for your change!!  Every Wednesday evening at East Side Bar & Grill on Hamilton Rd – you can pick a song for me to sing, in return, I get your change for the hospital 🙂   How fun will this be?!  It’s a Karaoke night there from 9pm – 12.  You can email me early with your song, so I can make sure the host has it, please indicate your donation amount as well so I can keep things updated.  Thank you!


The complimentary e-book I’m co-authoring with Sylvia McGrath, The Treasure Chest of Resources, part 1 should be available for release by Easter weekend!  Watch for information on where to get this informative guide  for parents with special needs, learning disorders and chronic illness!


Back to work here!  🙂

Have a great day & weekend!


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