Spring is here

This morning while taking my son out to the bus in his powerchair, I heard the birds.  Nothing unusual for this time of year, right?  These bird songs seemed much closer than usual for some reason.  Of course there is a tree in the front yard, but alas, no birds are perched in the tree.

The bus driver noticed it at almost the exact same time as I did.  Lo and behold, what do we see?  A couple birds fly from the front porch to the roof.  Hmmmm…why are they in/on the porch?  Sure enough, much to my surprise, because I swear it wasn’t like that yesterday, the ‘under-ceiling’? of the porch has drooped at the edge and the birds are preparing a nest to begin their families.

Ohhhh no no no no!!   Not in my porch!  lol

After first using an umbrella to push it back together temporarily till I could fix it, I went downstairs and grabbed the ladder, a hammer and some nails.

Now the garden is right there.  Standing the ladder partially in the garden, well, we may have to dig the legs out afterwards.  Back down I went for an old flattened cardboard box to lay underneath to prevent as little sinking as possible.  🙂

It was decided that using a drill and screwing it back up would be easier.  I agreed, rather than perching on a ladder with a hammer over your head, trying not sink in the dirt and hammering nails into some vinyl (which was alot stronger than I expected it to be ).

To make a not to long story  even shorter, a few screws into the ceiling and it’s temporarily fixed for now and the birds can’t get into the ‘attic’ of the porch.  What a mess that would have been!

Now it’s back to work, updating some more on the website, making some calls to see about getting more respite hours, and looking for a publishing/writing program that we could use for our e-book we are working on.  Part 1 is almost ready.

The Treasure Chest of Resources – A resource guide for parents of children with special needs, chronic illness and learning disabilites.  Co-authored by Sylvia McGrath and myself.  You can read more about Sylvia on her website here.  She also has a newsletter for children called Professor Owl’s Book Corner, you will information on that and how to subscribe on her site as well.  The mission of Professor Owl’s book corner is provide specialized information to a special audience.  These are children with special needs, chronic illness and learning challenges.

The newsletter includes special activities and crafts, book and reading suggestions for those who are sick or have needs out of the ordinary.  These activities include reading and challenges, games , safe web surfing, prizes and a special page; where each month a special hero from the Variety Foundation will be featured and their story told on how they have overcome and/or are living with their illness.  Professor owl will also give monthly book reviews and news on the lastest children’s books that have been released.  There will be books listed for all ages so no one will be left out.  Check it out!

Well it seems for some reason now, my website is unavailable, hmmmmm…time to check out what’s going on there lol

Have a great day!


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